Sample goal

Intermediate goal

We have been discussing the draft goal in the team and the team decided that the goal was too ambitious, so Guus decided to not finalize the goals as he believes the whole team should support any goal being stated in this project. So the team came up with two monetary goals related to the original sample goal to prove success for Guus and/or the team with the project Inspiration for Success to prove the principles of success right::

  1. One hundred dollars to be received on or before October 22, 2013.
  2. One million dollars to be received on or before October 19, 2014.

The first goal was approved and supported by the whole team on August 22, 2013, so that appeared to be a ‘go’ and a done deal. The second goal was supported by three of the four team members, but the fourth team member considered it not realistic.

As you may know the biggest challenge of Guus, the team leader, was or is Master Mind, which is also why he wants the whole team to supports the goal. And apparently it is still his biggest challenge as he didn’t manage to have the team support even the, in his opinion, very small goal of USD 100.00 for which we still have one month to achieve it.

One major decision was made by the team on how the money should be acquired: through inspiring people for success. So maybe the question to you is:

What do we need to do to inspire you so you would be willing to pay us one dollar (as per payment method for this site). See the page pay for being inspired for success for more details.

Draft goal

Five million dollarsSo the current draft goal is to have one million visits to this site every month and to receive a total of one million dollars in one dollar increments for each of the Master Mind group members of this site. The last in a way that if a visitor thinks the worth of his visit or the worth of this site to him or her, he would be willing to pay us USD 1 through the pay page. Remark: the image I finally chose kind of accidentally was named 5 million dollars. I found that after I chose it. That may be an indication that Infinite Intelligence is working here as my current partner and I discussed the Master Mind group we have in mind and how the earnings should be divided. 5 members with my original goal of 1 million dollar is 5 million dollars.

Please note that our ‘sample goal’ may look very simple, but there is an awful lot of history behind it, similar to the person in Think and Grow Rich looking for one million dollar for his school or something. We definitely believe that any serious goal needs a solid foundation. Just stating ‘we want to have one million dollars each’ almost certainly won’t work.

And it seems we have some more specific goal, or actually goals now: 1 million dollars on October 19, 2014 and one hundred dollars on October 22, 2013. And this time supported by the team by the Master Mind. Wow, Napoleon Hill, you’re amazing!

Your definite purpose, desire and/or goal

We are still looking for ways how to make this site into a coaching site for others, for example you. So you could do the whole process towards your success with tools provided by the site. And I am also thinking about creating something like real or virtual Master Mind groups. Actually one of the reasons for this site was and is that i was not able to create a Master Mind group for my own definite desire and goals. Napoleon Hill states somewhere that it is virtually impossible to achieve (grand) success without the power of the Master Mind. I do want to evaluate some of the principles though, including this one, as I’m not sure all principles would apply always and in every situation. For example, my personal desire, the written statement, is very private and I did not share it with anyone. I do notice though that I share parts of it in a natural way, which in my experience is one of the powers of the principles.

April 13, 2013

I am a bit hesitant to do this, but maybe that’s exactly why I should do it. Make a sample goal, follow the principles of success and achieve the goal, online, visible to everybody following me.

So let’s do the scary part. The goal in my head is to get a million followers for this site and let them each pay me USD 1, which would give me the success of achieving a success goal of one million followers and one million dollars.

Implicitly this was already in my head through the page donate, but maybe just be honest and share it with you.

And more ideas come up now, as I could build a site where people can share their goals and get support or supporters as basically I guess that’s what I’m looking for. Just you guys supporting me with what I do, supporting me in achieving success.

Please note there is a lot more in my head than just getting a million followers and getting a million dollars. I am convinced success in the form of money has nothing to do with being successful in life. However, I have been experiencing for quite some time now that money doesn’t make you happy, but not enough money does make you unhappy.

April 14, 2013

So I guess I made a decision for my sample goal: I want to have one million visitors to my site every month and I want to have earned one million dollars with my two blogging sites. So let’s phrase that on the page sample desire.

And this goal may sound crazy to you as it may be way too ambitious, but there is a lot behind it, even though I tend to make decisions often way too soon without thinking enough about it. More on this on decisions.

April 15, 2013

I started with the planning for reaching the goal.

April 16, 2013

I made a draft written statement of my goal (see the beginning of this page). It is still a draft as I learned that it is very important to be very specific about the goal and everything around it. Please note I won’t change my decision about the goal, just specify it better. I did that and am doing that with other things, even though sometimes it’s very hard to stick with it. Of course sometimes, or even often, I am asking myself if I’m not too stubborn. However, I also notice that this whole process of sticking to decisions helped me to make decisions more careful and, weird enough, also faster.

I also notice, that doubt indeed often blocks me, stops me from taking action, so indeed, doubt is an enemy of success.

August 22, 2013

Wow, so we really seem to have a real goal now, and a date: 1 million dollars on October 19, 2014. And one hundred dollars on October 22, 2013.

So yes, setting dates and goals and sticking to them, fixing them in your mind is important as you have no clue how those dates and amounts can come up so easily and quickly.

March 22, 2015

Long time since I have been on this page and on many other pages in this site. So I am fully behind schedule I see right now. BUT THE GOALS AND DECISIONS ARE STILL THERE. I DIDN’T CHANGE THEM.

November 20, 2018

A very long time since I checked this page and I think everything related to goals and such has fallen apart. It seems many things have changed since March 22, 2015 as I have not been going for my goals for quite a while now and I even forgot about my decisions. Letting go has been my main theme for quite a while now as my relationship has fallen fully apart and also my money and work goals have not materialized in any way as I had planned.

Interesting idea though on this page, to ask you to pay USD 1.00 to me for my work on this site. I could go back to that of course, related to the assignment I just created.

Last edited by Guus on March 22, 2013.

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