Definite purpose

The main thing to achieve success

I just used the term definite purpose and realized we did not have a page for that yet. Weird, as it is one of the major things in the stuff I believe in related to achieving success or being successful.

And while checking this page I think definite purpose is something like ‘destiny’ or ‘main goal in life’ based on desire. Not sure what to write more, even though it is one of the most important things or maybe the utmost important thing in life.

Just did some Google search on ‘definite purpose’ and arrived at Steve’s blog. As I saw a donate button, same as we intend to do, I’ll just link to it here.

Another self help site?

And while rechecking Steve’s blog it doesn’t look that inspiring anymore. Just another ‘self help blog’ or something. So this page really needs some enhancement.

And we found many other sites we signed up for seem to be ‘just another self help blog’ trying to sell their services. It seems that’s how the world works and what people are looking for (and how to get rich on the internet).

Somehow we still want to be different. Can you help us by telling how we would inspire you most to achieve success?

Start of the inspirational tools

So yes, somehow another self help site as we now have the option to help you define your definite purpose. Just login or register and go to the item definite purpose.

Created on April 15, 2013 by Guus. Last edited by Guus on May 27, 2014 (and this page needs a lot of enhancement; strange to find it so minimal, like ‘nothing’).

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