Good and bad

So I just removed about another one hundred spam comments. Comments with just the purpose of making a link to some website to increase the ranking of that site. And yes, I was part of that, am kind of still part of that. I also bought ‘cheap’ links to customer sites. I also instructed one of my staff to do the same some time ago.

So what are we doing here? I am doing my best to build  up this site by writing a post every day and by adding content in the pages part. I am trying to build a site to inspire people, inspire them to follow their dreams, have success, be proud of themselves. And yes, I know it will take some time before people will find this site and I know that in the end this site will be taken seriously if I persist in building it, having it built with good intentions.

So while I was thinking about this thing of the spam comments which I consider ‘bad’, I was wondering how I could make an inspiring post out of it. But I guess I have to think first about those people creating those spam comments, about those people buying them, and in the end about us, you and I, somehow supporting them, somehow wanting this, as we are paying the people doing it because I guess if they wouldn’t be paid to do it they wouldn’t do it.

The weird thing is there is something ‘inspiring’, something ‘exciting’ in creating those spam comments. Because the people creating them, or the programs posting them, need to find ways to get them posted, to convince the blog owner (or the spamn blocking program) to accept them. So in the end it is kind of an exciting ‘fight’ between the spam creators and the spam blockers, kind of a game. So I guess that’s kind of ‘good’. And I also try to rank sites high, try to rank this site high by using ‘tricks’ to show to Google what the site is all about, so the site will rank higher.

But to me the sad thing is that to me putting those spam comments doesn’t really help anybody, or maybe it does: promoting some kind of product that people want.

But no, deep in my heart something says that that effort could be used for better things, to produce more food or more fun or whatever for each other. Or maybe just even just spend time with each other instead of posting spam comments ‘somewhere’ in order to promote ‘some product’.

So yes, if you are a ‘spammer’ and reading this, you may want to consider if there is nothing more inspiring to do than post spam comments. And if you are a customer of those people, you may want to consider if there are no better ways to promote your product, to find ways to really show people what your products are about so they will find them, buy them.

And if you are an ordinary internet user, you may want to rethink if you really want all those advertisements and stuff in all those sites, often bigger than the content in the site itself.

I guess I still want to make and keep this site a ‘direct pay’ site, as I’d rather just be paid straight for what I do here than being paid indirectly through ‘some advertisement someone clicked on’.

So please let me know what you think, please put some real comments. That would also inspire me to continue with the work I’m doing here.

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