Hope again?

Today was a very weird day for me (again). And maybe I’m learning, something like learning to be myself, do my own thing, making my own decisions and at the same time respecting others, respecting the opinions of others and following others. And maybe i found what I have to give in the sense of what Napoleon Hill states that you have to be willing to give to get what you want. And it hurts, because the thing that seems to be asked for is a high price, higher than I expected it to be, different than what I expected it to be. It is not out of bounds of what  I stated that I was and am willing to give to get what I want, to make my dream come true, so I can give it, relatively easy. But it hurts, the price is higher than I thought, in a way. And in a way it’s not. Maybe it’s logical Maybe this is the only simple thing that has to happen, even though I didn’t want to let go of it. But indeed, if this is the thing I will have to give, will have to let go of, then the price is very low, then the whole thing indeed is easy.

So again, not sure how to inspire you with this. Maybe indeed just start with the six steps, defining your desire, your definite purpose, stating what you are willing to give. Make a plan and put it into action and write it down and read it aloud. Twice a day is ok, but sometimes for me less than that was also ok as the whole desire document was and is already in my heart.

And for me patience was important, and ‘no action’ was the action I decided to often take, which was hard, because I’m an action oriented person. Often I take too much action.

Let’s see, my belief went sky high again today.

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