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I was chatting with someone tonight and (of course) came to the subject of how the world works, or actually doesn’t work, financially the last few years or maybe even decades. And then I came across a post in Facebook about visa. And that reminded me again of things like ‘humanification’ and of the world passport I once read about. And that brought me to the site world service and I thought they deserve to be mentioned here, have a link here.

And I see this page is a post(?!), where I think the subject humanification needs a page, but that’s for another time.


Tonight I was at a small party of a friend who just invited a few people to spend the night together with some drinks and snacks. And of course I got a little bit drunk from the nice cocktails and the wine and of course my issue with Smart an big companies and other organizations like governments became a subject we talked about.

And yes, my issue with Smart limiting my internet connection is about me and it is very personal. But it is also exactly about what I want to change in the world and what I think we as humanity can do better. And there is even a word for it, although it’s not an official word and I was not able to secure the domain: humanification: make the world more human again, make the world for humans again and not for organizations.

As I think organizations should serve humans and not the other way around which seems the case so often in 2014 and the years before. And I think I’m not the only one affected in a negative way by procedures and policies of big organizations like big companies and governments, especially organizations that don’t have (a lot of) competition and you and I depend on.

But in the end it is humans working in these organizations, from CEO to the lowest level of employee. And I believe each of them can make a change, can start serving other people better, regardless of policies and procedures.

And don’t get me wrong, policies and procedures are there for a reason and basically are good and have their purpose. But in the end humans are executing and implementing them and humans have a choice whether the policy or procedure is applicable to the situation, the human need on the side of the person they are serving.

Because humans and organizations are there to serve (other) humans, not the other way around. Never forget that and always keep in mind how you would want to be served if you are on the other side of the desk or the counter.

Let’s be human, lets humanificate.

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