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Site: http://www.abugfreemind.com/.

Author: Andy Shaw.

Category: Self Help.

Year started: 2010.

About: About the differences between the mindsets of successful and unsuccessful people.


The site of Andy Shaw is already a while in my list, but I never subscribed to it until recently. And I never really checked it until now, as I am still in the process of moving all the site info to individual pages. And I have divided my sites in inspirational and motivational, but for this site I couldn’t choose (yet). So fortunately recently I added a category ‘inspirational and motivational sites’, so that is where I added it right now, meaning it will show up in the overview of inspirational as well as the motivational sites.

And I don’t really feel like evaluating right now, but the page http://www.abugfreemind.com/mind-power/the-real-reason-why-youre-not-successful/ caught my attention, of course, as I still don’t consider myself successful.

So reading that now…

And was just watching the free(?) video’s, which are pretty impressive with lots of good advice, but in the end it seems all about sales, selling the program, so not sure what to think about that. I like the ideas of Andy though, so worthwhile to at least watch the site, including the video’s I found.

Top site

And I think I have found a top site, at least for me, as I am looking forward to the e-mails with some kind of daily video about how life works and, well, how to do better or feel better or something.

Not for everybody I guess, but worthwhile checking out if you are stuck and/or are looking for more (in life).

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