Shepherd’s Grove

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Author: Bobby Schuller.

Category: Religion and Philosophy.

About: A place for healing, learning, and belonging.


I encountered the name Bobby Schuller in a list of motivational sites and of course I know that name as I often hear my mam mention it in relation to Hour of Power, a TV program she is very excited about. So I just decided to add the site here, even though I’m not fully sure if it belongs in the category motivational or inspirational. So I just added it to the combined category.

And it is a bit confusing how to call this post, as there are three names involved: Bobby Schuller, Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove. And maybe more, as I also saw some church name.

The site Shepherd’s Grove does not seem to be motivational or inspirational in itself, so if you are looking for online inspiration or motivation this may not be the site to go. Will check out later more, also the other sites. Of course comments are welcome if I’m wrong there is not so much there. Just tell me or other people where to look.

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