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Author: Marc and Angel.

Category: Personal Development.


The site Marc and Angel Hack Life has an enormous amount of inspirational and motivational information, most or all in the format xxx to achieve yyy or aaa to not bbb. In my opionion their content is really good and seems well researched and thought through.

And well, one of the first inspirational sites I encountered when starting Inspiration for Success, so there must be something there and there is, a lot. Below what I wrote before.

Their regular (daily?) e-mails are very good and often tempt me to click through to the site and to the full article.

What I don’t like so much is the obvious sales links to buy books and stuff, but of course I understand the reason as we ourselves are struggling how to get something in return for building and maintaining this site.

What also made me disappointed is that I tried to contact Angel directly and never got a reply, even after re-sending my e-mail two or three times.

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