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Well, all about business it seems as I tried to reach Marie personally, but kept going in a row of e-mails with the very friendly and ‘understanding’ staff of Marie who finally cut off the conversation of course, as it’s all about business and I’m costing too much time and effort.

Nothing wrong with business of course and I found some great stuff there, but I was a bit disappointed as all or most of these sites are just handled by a team and don’t have too much to do with the person that appears to be the face of the site. Good lesson to do different, but of course I might end up the same if things really get big.

Wow, I really liked the stuff I saw on Marie’s site, but I had a request and I end up with some kind of call center replies, yes from three different people for three different replies. And all very polite, but the feel like ‘fuck off’, we’re just here for the readers saying how thankful they are. So it’s only about business? So I was right with my statement below being pissed. It was not just my mood.

A quick glance on Marie Forleo makes me believe that this site is about inspiring or motivating business women. One of the things on the homepage immediately got my attention: asking for money for things you are really good at. Just watched the video. At first look a bit too simple, but she has a point. And yes, has a very nice presentation style and message. To be checked further, as I think she has something interesting here.

A recent e-mail made me a bit pissed though, as it sounded too ‘commercial’, even though I believe it was not really intended like that. For me it was just too much, so I’ll watch closely.

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