Inspirational tools

Yeah, that’s in my mind, inspirational tools, the idea of providing a service like other websites to where you can keep track of your planning and such. And that was something I wanted to build, to have in this website from the very start. And yes, I started with it, and it’s even working and I think it’s even useful. But somehow people are not using it, not even me. So that’s not really motivating me to continue building them further. And I wonder if most successful people know this loneliness, this thinking and building and doing alone. And I know at least some of them do. As recently I read a story from Ed Lester who also said it took him years to get his idea, his blog, his project moving, years he also did it all alone as far as I know. And I know Alden Tan is also doing most things alone, writing alone.

And it seems Seth Godin and Henrik Edberg also work alone. But what about Richard Branson and Donald Trump? And Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, although I know from Steve Jobs he was kicked out of Apple, so that must have been pretty lonely.

Ah, yes, and Apple. It took them quite a while, something like thirty years, to finally become really famous, really big.

So well, maybe it’s all about persistence, about continuing going, continuing building. And yes, that’s what I wrote in my Dutch post today, that it is fun to see that traffic is slowly, very slowly, increasing on that site. And that site was note even intended to become popular or something as it’s more my personal diary.

So let’s continue building, somehow I know something must come out of that, and yes, something big if I just continue.

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