Mini goals and planning DoctorsConnect

I was working on the page planning and I am creating this page now to learn how to plan (better) to make my DoctorsConnect into a success, to reach my goals with DoctorsConnect.

So I set two mini-goals, even though they don’t feel like ‘mini’ to me, as these things have been goals for me for DoctorsConnect for a long time and I also did quite some actions to achieve them. However, my actions did not create the result I wanted, so I need to do something else, maybe plan properly first and then go from there and that is exactly what this page is going to be about. And I will share this page so I will (have to) write down my goals and planning (so it can be analyzed as per Think and Grow Rich) and change the plan if needed (if the current plan does not bring me to my goal, as also per Think and Grow Rich).

So these are the two mini-goals:

  1. Find one doctor using the DoctorsConnect system;
  2. Find one team member helping DoctorsConnect become what I have in mind.

So let’s check what Wikipedia or some dictionary said about planning (random choice of what I stated in my page planning):

  • the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal;
  • the process of making plans for something.

And what stands out for me while putting the above is that planning appears to be a process, so not a goal or a result or whatever, but a process. And I am tempted to check the definition of ‘process’ now, but the thought also came to me that planning apparently is not a one time thing, not a one time action or something. It is something continuous, something that you do or that happens over time. And of course I did check the definition in Wikipedia: “a process is a set of activities that interact to achieve a result”.

So the next thing I guess would be thinking about activities to find the first team member I am looking for and activities to find the first doctor using the system.