My definite purpose document

Start of more purposeful life

Around September 2012 I found the book Think and Grow Rich and that was the start of a much more purposeful life than I had ever before.


As of now I am not willing to share that document as I consider it private and kind of sacred. I may do later though, but as of now I guess I would only do that as some kind of act of desperation in order to achieve my goal if I would feel I would have to quit in a way Seth Godin writes in his book The Dip:

If I am going to quit anyway, is there something dramatic I can do instead that might change the game?

For now I can tell you that the definite purpose or my main goal in life is not about money. I do need money to achieve it, which is one of the reasons to continue with this website as I hope I will earn from it.

Not theory, practice

I can also tell you that I do revise it every now and then as things change or as needed to inspire myself, but that I NEVER CHANGED THE BASIC GOAL or other fundamental things in it, according to the suggestions described in the principles of success.

I can also tell you that in the beginning indeed I read it aloud every day, mostly two times a day, but that at the moment that went to the background. I do refer to it continuously though in my mind if I have to make major decisions to check if the decision is in accordance with the document.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to know some practical results from the theory of the principles of success.

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