From the desire document of Guus:

“I am patient, where patience means active waiting and I am continuing going when the going is hard and slow. While waiting and hoping I am doing something else in the meanwhile. For now I will keep the thought that the most powerful warriors are patience and time as life is all about timing. The unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable becomes available and the unattainable becomes attainable at the right time. And the right time for the right things is now.”

Patience is waiting, but certainly hot passive waiting. I have been researching patience and found some important clue: patience is active waiting. You can do something else in the meanwhile, while waiting.

And I found patience is important. Some things just take time. And I also found virtually anything I waited for by active waiting is starting to materialize.

So don’t give up, be patient. But also don’t wait passively as that’s just a waste of time.

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