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Other inspiration sites

There are many related sits on the internet. We already have some links here and there in the site, but not an overview with limited descriptoin. Some links here:

  • The Sky Is The Limit is certainly related and seems to have a related goal as we have, although they are community based, we are not.
  •, seems to be generic, not purely business. We’ll check it out further later.
  • White Dove Books from Will Edwards. Wills online business is based on books and personal service related to improve your life. Nice guy and nice stuff he sends and has.
  • Alden Tan has a different approach to inspiration, motivation and success. You may like or not like his style, but we think he does have something to say.
  • Live Your Legend seems to be also about ‘life inspiration’ of ‘life success’. Did not fully check it out, but seems a very serious site. And while checking further about work and career.

Self help

Some more self help type sites:

  • The abundance index from Ed Lester. Has nice stuff, including ‘Abundance Index’ tools. We tried it out and really like it, so you may want to try it and it seems really for free. Guess other stuff is for sale, but didn’t really get to that yet. We’ll keep you updated here.
  • When searching for a Master Mind image we found Not really checked yet, but appears to have a lot of information to get you further, it seems to focus on ‘surroundings’, support network, so Master Mind.

And we notice many sites are ‘self help’ type sites, having programs for, yes we guess achieving success. Not sure if we want to brand Inspiration for Success as self help site, but maybe it is.

Other links and sites

Sometimes we encounter a site or link that is also related to our site, but no clear idea where to put it. Here are some:

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