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Evaluation 0?

Many of the pages in this site need a major update, but right now I have no clue where to begin and how to do that as this whole project, this whole site has become much bigger than one person can handle. And I was not able to keep my team together, even though recently we exchanged some e-mails and some little things were done.

What brings me to this pages is the post I just finished: stranger than fiction. As the idea of a virtual Master Mind group might just be as useful as a real Master Mind group. Or maybe even more. And yes, my initial idea of Master Mind was something like ‘team’, but my more recent thinking is that it could be something fully different, especially as Napoleon Hill certainly does not mention the word ‘team’ or something in his chapter about ‘Master Mind’. And also the chapter Master Mind is definitely not about ‘team’ or ‘board’ or something like that. It is more about people checking the things you do. So it could be real people as well as people being involved virtually or through ones imagination.

So if you have trouble, like me, to get a Master Mind team together, you may as well use an imaginary ‘team’.

Evaluation 1

I started reading Think and Grow Rich again after I kind of lost the book last week during the big party that was taking place in our house. But somehow Infinite Intelligence blocked me to find the book, use the book, show the book to other people. But yesterday or so I found it again and also started reading, basically because I’m still ‘not there’ yet and did not really feel successful yet, even though I came out of my deep ravine during the last few months.

And mostly when I feel like that I start reading, reading self help books. So this morning I opened Think and Grow Rich on a random page and ended up in the chapter Power of the Master Mind.

And this chapter even starts with the word Power, with a sentence about power: “Power is essential for success in the accumulation of money”. And it starts with something like that this chapter is about describing methods by which an individual may attain and apply power.

And the word power has some negative feeling attached to it within me. As somehow I associate it with dictatorship or something. But again, the book states something different here: “If power is organized knowledge, let us examine the sources of knowledge”.

So power is not dictatorship. Far from it, it seems. Power seems to be about knowledge, about applying knowledge. And who would be against that? Who would consider that negative?

And no wonder i feel negative about myself as my ‘keywords’ are joyful, loving and powerful. Implying that if I associate power with dictatorship, which I consider negative, I would run into some internal conflict. So maybe better change my mind and think about power in a sense of applying knowledge than into ‘forcing’ something, forcing people into something (they don’t want).

So well, let’s keep on reading. And let’s keep applying knowledge.

Evaluation 2

It is January 8, 2014 and today I had a real Master Mind feeling as I was talking to two people about ideas and plans and desires. So I end up with Master Mind and made a link to this page from my daily quote e-mail and realize this page really needs updating.

And yes, writing things down as Napoleon Hill suggests works, as especially with writing in this site every day and e.g. now seeing what I wrote before helps me to move on, helps me to analyze and indeed, will bring me success.

And no, Master Mind is not team and Master Mind is not board. It is indeed people coming together and sharing ideas and creating something bigger than each can do alone. At least that’s what I experienced today. And it is true what is stated in the book, that reading it just one time is not enough. That reading things again gives new information, new insights. As today i read several things I did not really read before. And the first was that the chapter is called Power of the Master Mind and not just Master Mind. And the second that this chapter may be more about Power than about what I thought was Master Mind in the sense of group of people.

Master Mind book

Well, we found this book: Create Your Ultimate Master Mind Group. Not really read yet, but has much more information than we have put here until now, so worthwhile reading we guess.


And this page can change now, as we have a group now! And change again (June 2, 2013) as things didn’t go according to plan.

My challenge (again)

Tonight, June 2, 2013, I, Guus, was happy as John and I had a conference call in the spirit of a Master Mind meeting. And to me it was indeed a meeting in the spirit of the Master Mind (John, please confirm). However, at the same time I felt defeat as Val was not able to attend the meeting. So I had failed as a leader, which is hard for me, especially as I thought I already made big progress in that direction, but found that it’s not yet enough.

And I’m learning, or at least I’m starting to believe, that not everything needs to be perfect, something i always tried to be for myself and was trying to impose on others, which may be one of my biggest weaknesses, just expecting too much, from myself, from everybody.

So well, still a challenge, but I won’t give up, I won’t declare failure.

My challenge (but not anymore)

I guess one of my personal biggest challenges, involving other people in the right way.

Napoleon Hill states:

The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective.  No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a “third mind.” When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.

No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him.

I learned

And that seems to be hard for me, but I’m learning.

Your challenge

What is your biggest challenge or learning area of all principles of success?

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