Richard Branson

Richard BransonOne of the people in my virtual private cabinet is Richard Branson. And somewhere in my mind is to write about the people in my virtual private cabinet. And while writing this I realize that writing about them would also help me understand them, study them. And strange again, lately more and more things just ‘come to me’ like I found a web page about Richard Branson: Work Out.

But there is more about Richard Branson, as I was very amazed how is is acting in my my virtual private cabinet. As he always acts a bit shy. And yes, he is very kind. And the weirdest is that I don’t really know him as I read a little about him, but I think I hardly saw him on TV or in videos.And I am still wondering where my mind gets those images from those people when I meet with them, often late at night. I can’t imagine it all comes only out of my own mind, my own perception about Richard Branson. There must be something more, and I know this also from Napoleon Hill and my own experience with Family Constellations.

So I was amazed with the answer he appeared to have given how he can do so much. And his answer was ‘work out’. And I don’t like that answer as I don’t like working out. Or do I? Or at least there is a lot of resistance in me working out. And when I did, something like ten years ago, I didn’t like the result. As I wanted to be a bit slimmer, a bit more slender looking, but my body is not built like that. I just got square, kind of got bigger. At least that’s what I thought, that’s what I think. The weird thing is though that recently I started working out again, in the morning. Just kind of automatically, kind of natural. And I still think I don’t like it, but there is a whole process going on in my mind as doing ten or twenty sit-ups and push-ups what I mostly do is not that difficult. And I achieved that very quickly, as when I started I could hardly do five. And now five is easy.

But still my mind is complaining, even though mostly twenty is not that difficult, even easay.

And looking back I did a lot of sports, as I trained a lot on my racing bike when I was around eighteen, as I went three times from The Netherlands to France by bike for a holiday. And also there I learned that in the end the nicest parts were the climbs, as you go slow. And going down is just dangerous and takes all your mental power to stay on the road. And it is over in maybe 10% of the time of going up. So you don’t see anything, not the landscape, not the nature, not the buildings, not the people, nothing.

And well, weird, I am writing about sports now when starting my page about Richard Branson. But more to follow, also about him and how he achieved or achieves success.

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