Sixth Sense

I am working on fixing all the errors as reported by the Google Webmaster Tools and this is one of the missing pages reported. And I am not sure if this should be a separate page or just be related or linked to the page Infinite Intelligence. Or just be called ‘subconscious mind’ or something.

But no, while writing the sixth sense is just another ‘sense‘, like the more common five senses sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. And I think it is an underestimated sense as it may be even the most important of the six sense.

And it seems the more I listen to it, the better things turn out, and I think I learned about this from Think and Grow Rich, but I am not sure, but I remember a description of a successful person, I think a businessman, where it was stated that whenever making an important decision he would close his eyes and listen to his sixth sense what to do. And follow the answer given.

So I also started listening to my sixth sense when not knowing what to do, again also starting with very simple things, like not knowing whether to go left or right if I have some time to spare or want to go from one place to another in the city when there are different routes available. And just closing my eyes and ‘listening’ often gives me and answer and mostly (always?). when following that answer I end up in the right places or with the right people, like passing by the office of someone and just visiting him or her.

So I can certainly recommend listening to your sixth sense when not really sure what to do by just closing your eyes and ‘listening’, just sense the feeling you get and follow that. I am sure you know what I mean.

See also: extrasensory perception on Wikipedia.

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