Success in sport

To be successful in sport could mean different things. When we are young and enjoy some physical education at school, success in sport would often mean something like to be better, stronger and faster than others.


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Success in sport might also mean to develop skills in a certain sport which is mostly dependend on how much someone trains that specific sport. Daily training might lead to great success; others are naturally very talented and are able to master some sports easier than others; but still, regular practice often leads to better skills and progress – like in many other areas in life.

A person who is successful in sport might learn strategies and get motivation for other parts in his life – at school as a student or at work as an employer or entrepreneur. That has to do with achieving goals: in sports there are usually defined goals.

A very inspiring and motivating sports-video: “Make it count!”

When we as human beings set a specific goal, we might reach it after working hard enough for it. Regular practice will bring us closer to that goal until we finally get there. At team sports, the whole team has to follow that certain goals; as an individual it is usually dependend on the individual person what goals have to be achieved.

Doing sports does not necessarily have to be done towards specific goals: you can just run for fun or you can play soccer with friends without counting any goals; but to be successful in sport does definitely involve setting goals.

Persistence and sports

-Sports can definitely help you to learn a lot about persistence as described by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and grow rich”:

– trying to reach a goal in your sport is nothing else than a definite purpose, mostly backed by desire for its fulfilment

– you need continuous action which is your regular training to get there

your mind should be closed against all negative influence; friends might tell you that you are crazy aiming to finish a long distance triathlon – but if you are willed to do it, then you might achieve that goal

– best would be a sports partner you can train with; you could encourage each other to get inspired and set new goals together.

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