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Small is beautiful

I was happily surprised with the e-mail, the daily post, from Seth Godin today. As it confirmed that I am not the only one concerned that ‘big’ seems to rule the world more and more, that e.g. policies of large organizations mostly seem to be more important the people, the people they serve. Actually I was even crying after realizing that he indeed wrote about the humanification I often have in mind. Actually I know Seth Godin even used that word a long time ago as when you search for humanification in Google his name shows up somewhere, or at least it did before.

And I was happy because he has the reach, at least much more reach than I have, to turn this ‘bigger is better, bigger is more power’ thing that seems to be virtually everywhere in the world at the moment. And I think it is so important as I guess I am not the only one who often feels powerless against large organizations, not only rich and private companies, but also government institutions and departments.

So yes, let’s go back more to the idea where the weaker, the slower, the smaller have the priority, not the large and powerful. We’re human and can think, so let’s be human and protect the weak. Isn’t that the biggest evolution in history?