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I feel like writing

I feel more and more like writing ever since I left The Malasag House, my home, about a week ago. And I wrote some in the notepad of my cellphone, but that was not easy as I only have a small smartphone and my notepad only allows 1,000 characters per note, which was not enough for the blog post I was writing earlier.

And don’t get me wrong, having a small smartphone is my choice, as I mainly wanted to use it as a phone. But now, while traveling, I am learning a smartphone is much more than a phone. Amazing, maybe not to you if you already have one, use one, for a long time. But I am not as they say an early adapter, so it took me a while to see the full potential of smartphones. Or I guess not really the full potential, as I guess there is much more possible than I see or experience now.

Ah, so much I want to write. And I just started to write here straight away, as I realized WordPress has good support for writing offline, a feature I am even using right now as my internet here in Blue Bamboo Hotel in Boracay has a very unstable internet connection. But it works, and I guess this text will just be kept in the browser until I have a connection again. And they just fixed it and internet seems to be pretty fast and stable now.

Also Boracay

So how did I get here? Well, that is what I wanted to write about, about my trip until now, a trip about self discovery. And at first I didn’t know what it was all about, as basically I just ran away from home, escaping my reality there, as I did not like it, but just felt responsible for the dogs and didn’t know where to go, as all my projects seem to have failed, and I know location. Is not the issue, or maybe it is, as being here now, in Boracay, having traveled quite a distance, I feel more at ease, more comfortable, more free.

And still using my smartphone to write. And not as easy as using a computer and keyboard, but it works. Actually amazing how technology evolved. Unimaginable what an enormous amount of technology is incorporated in this small device and everything that keeps it connected to the rest of the world; amazing.

To be continued…