What If I had A Million Dollar

Well, just started the page emotional pain, so wanted to start with this page also.

If I had a million dollars I would go back to the life I had before, but different. So yes, I shouldn’t have had it before as I think I learned a lot from going down as deep as I went, especially financial, but also otherwise.

So yes, I would still live here in this beautiful house and I would travel again around the island, travel again with my partner, enjoy traveling and staying in hotels and visiting family.

And I would certainly let my partner invite friends again, invite them for dinner, have nice parties and such on the terrace of our beautiful house, enjoy life. Something I always complained about as basically we couldn’t afford, but my partner didn’t really understand.

And yes, I would certainly repair the house as that is very necessary. And I would travel again, also abroad, have three or four week holidays, enjoy life.

So yes, most of that is for me, and for my partner and friends. And family. Who wouldn’t want to do all these things if he or she had enough money to do so.

But I would also do other things. I would continue writing this blog and/or website. Convert it to something other people could use as a sample, other people could use to move faster.

And I would probably continue, or actually rebuild, my company, this time not only for me, but maybe mainly for creating jobs, training people as this city and this country badly needs decent jobs with decent salaries. And more decent working environments.

And I would take more time to learn to listen to others, to try to understand others, to help others. I still don’t fully know how to do that, but this time I would try, try harder, and succeed. As this time I wouldn’t need to worry so much about myself, so much that there is nothing left for others.

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