I am fixing all the errors reported by the Google Webmaster Tools and there are two pages left that are missing, including this page: action.

So apparently I have made a link to this page as a reminder, but I have been very hesitant to add this action page, as I am very good at action, at least starting action as I seem to be pretty impulsive. But over time I have learned that just action does not bring anything, certainly not success. So to me all the fuzz about taking action from most motivational sites don’t make much sense, are misleading even. So I believe more in the ideas of Abraham Hicks, who promotes┬áinspired action. As it seems, at least to me, that that is the only type of action that works.

So yes, slowly I am starting to believe that it is better to do nothing than to take uninspired action.

So wait for inspiration first and only take action when it feels good, when you feel inspired. And I am certain Napoleon Hill agrees, even though he states that you need to take action even if things are not fully ready. As he also mentions things like desire, determination, Infinite Intelligence and such as prerequisite for success.

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