Yesterday I was checking Google Webmaster Tools and found quite some pages that don’t exist yet. As somehow I create links to pages I have in mind. And I am not sure if the page determination, this page, was on that list already. But a page about determination certainly belongs in this site, even though I have the feeling it is something I have developed, and you can develop, from applying the Principles of Success.

And I feel more and more strange recently, and we speak October 16, 2014 right now, as applying the Principles of Success for around one and a half year now have brought me in a fully different state of mind, where I feel much more self confident than ever and notice that I am becoming very determined in certain things. And I can’t really explain it, but it seems that indeed all kinds of things have been growing in my mind and that those things also attract other things, people e.g. that make the whole thing grow bigger and bigger. It feels like the river Napoleon Hill is talking about, that if you manage to turn around, to move into the upstream flow, that the flow is helping more and more, until there is some kind of unstoppable force going on.

And yes, while writing this I feel very emotional. I feel shivers go through my body, as it seems the things are happening now that appeared completely crazy, unreachable while reading Think and Grow Rich for the first few times. And the book states indeed something like ‘just do the things, even though they feel very weird or unusual or whatever’. And I did. And somehow it works, somehow I have changed. And no, I don’t read the book so often anymore. And I don’t read my desire document aloud that often anymore. But somehow those two have become part of me, somehow I incorporated the ideas of Napoleon Hill and somehow I incorporated my desire document.

And yes, one thing is repetition. Somehow it seems you can change your thoughts, your mindset by repeating certain thoughts, certain ideas. Somehow you can fool your mind, your subconscious. So don’t give up if you’re just starting, starting with turning your life around if you feel it can be better, your life can be better. Just continue doing ‘the right thing’.

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