I have written a lot about God, or God like ideas, but as far as I remember I never wrote about atheism. Recently I saw some videos on YouTube about atheism and it started to make sense to me, as I am slowly starting to believe that the Christian belief doesn’t make much sense, as many things in the bible just don’t add up. Somehow YouTube showed me some videos of Sam Harris, which made a lot of sense to me.

And when looking a bit more at atheism there is a lot of evidence there is no loving God, as I believe a loving God would not allow all the bad stuff and suffering in the world.

Still, the hard thing to believe is that if there is no God, no Infinite Intelligence, or something like that, where do we come from? As to me it is also hard to believe that we, humans, and everything else, just came out of nowhere. Actually it scares me if the would be no God or not some kind of higher intelligence than humans. As then we would kind of be on our own.

It is a few days after I started this page and I am still kind of shocked, as if we are just kind of randomly created through some evolutionary process, what is our purpose. And even then, the “God question” still exists, as something has to have started somewhere. Or something like that.

And I am still depressed and I am experiencing something pretty bad again, something that has thrown me pretty much off track. And this God thing, this something like a loving God, something I guess we all need or long for, if this God does not exist, that is another blow to my well being as I have been for a long time in the process of finding my Higher Power.

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