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For quite some time I have been communicating with Globe about some web pages that are cut off somewhere in the middle when using our Tattoo@home connection. And with ‘quite some time’ I mean something like half a year or so, which I think is quite long for an outstanding support request for a company like Globe.

And I didn’t really want to write about it, but today I got another request through Twitter for:

  • Account owner’s name.
  • Account number.
  • Birth date.
  • Mother’s maiden name.
  • Complete billing address.

And those details I provided a long time ago on a similar request through e-mail, even though some things don’t really make sense to me as it is a company account, and I don’t see how my mother’s maiden name is related to that company and I also don’t know if they mean the birth date of our company or my own birth date. But also then, I don’t see what my birth date has to do with the company account that is experiencing the issue of cut off web pages.

So apparently Globe has problems with their customer support, as it seems the support staff can’t find the records of the issue I reported, even though I provided the different ticket numbers related to my concern.

Anyhow, I guess the whole thing has to do with the malware insertion they do, so I guess nobody wants to touch it, not even the account manager I know personally.

But yes, recently I am using anything, positive or negative experiences, to my own benefit. So Globe, be careful, as I think in the end you won’t make it with this kind of customer support.

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