Convert defeat into success

Last Saturday I did not write my posts and I kind of felt guilty about it. And it was even worse, as I kind of planned to catch up yesterday, Sunday, but in the end I also didn’t do it. And it feels like a severe breach in my daily writing habit and I am not sure what to do next, as I just don’t feel like writing anymore.

And the strange thing is that I actually achieved quite some successes. And I wanted to write about it. But I didn’t.

So somehow I have slowly programmed myself for success, but somehow it also affects things, like writing here. So how will I convert this defeat of failure of not writing last Saturday into success? Like what can I learn from it?

And the strange thing is that one or two times before I skipped a day, but somehow this time it feels more severe, it feels like giving up writing here, writing every day. But I made a promise to myself to write here about my road to success, about how I went from my deepest down to my highest up. And I am not up yet, but somehow something changed. As people are starting to listen to me, are starting to support me, no matter how crazy my ideas are. But somehow my subconscious does not seem to accept that I can be successful, can have success.

So maybe that is what I am learning right now, that it is important to keep my promise and that I should keep writing, also now I am starting to become successful. And yes, one of the most important things towards success seems to be persistence, nothing more, nothing less. So maybe people will even start to read this, even though until now I don’t think many people are reading or have read my posts.

And yes, I should go back to the beginning, to why I started this site, this blog. And evaluate where I am standing right now compared to that time. And even though recently I have been complaining a bit again I guess, I may be amazed about how far I have gotten, and maybe how little I still have to go.

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