Desire exercises

Light or relight your desire

We believe that desire is the major entry point to success. Without it nothing will move, so not having it, not feeling it, or not having it anymore or not feeling it anymore is a large roadblock on the way to success.

If this happens, and it is happening to me, Guus, as of the moment, don’t worry as there are ways to light or relight your desire.

And while writing now, this page, I already feel a lot better, feel a lot more desire than this morning, when I woke up. And it started when I decided ‘just to write’. And then something happened, because on my way to ‘just writing’ I started moving, started to get going somehow. And despite some hurdles like the internet connection not working straight away, with some persistence I got going. And now I find myself adding useful content to the site, especially in this pages part, making me feel better which I think also helps relight my desire again, in this case the desire to improve the site, share things to inspire other people, share things to you.

Let’s see if I can make some desire exercise for this.

Desire exercise 1

Especially when you don’t feel desire, don’t feel the urge to do anything it is very hard to get going as there is no internal flame burning making you move. Based on my experience just now I will retrace the steps how I got moving again:

  1. Acknowledge that you are stuck, that you feel bad, that things are not ok for you.
  2. Maybe just indulge in it, feel it, go with it. You may feel a lot of pressure from ‘what other people may think about you behaving like this’.
  3. Then realize that you just feel like this and that it’s a real feeling, that it’s just how you feel: bad. That you just feel a victim or something, which many people will consider ‘bad behavior’.
  4. Then realize that it’s just how YOU feel at this moment and that it’s a real feeling, a real situation for you and that it’s NOT BAD, no matter what you think or think what other people might think.
  5. So just accept that this is how you feel and keep indulging in it, keep acknowledging it.
  6. Then, when you are ready, you may think of something that may help you to get out of this situation of ‘feeling stuck’. For me often writing helps, or reading positive affirmations.
  7. Then, when you are ready, just start with that. And that’s where I am right now and even I don’t feel fully ok yet, I am much more satisfied than an hour ago as at least I’m doing ‘something’.

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