Divided consciousness

Today I had a very strange experience during a massage. And the massage was very good, so I was pretty relaxed, and most of the time I had my eyes closed. And the experience was something like my body did not stop where it normally stops, at the skin, but it went on into the massage area that was divided by curtains and a little bit further, but not really the whole room, with  like ten of those massage places or so. And my consciousness was somewhere in my head, where I usually the ‘I’ feel, and it extended somehow into this area, where I perceived less with a larger distance, although the music that was present was pretty ‘close’. And I didn’t really perceive different ‘things’, like the parts of my body, the hands of the masseur and things like that. It felt more like a contiguous energy or something, the thing I read a book about recently, like everything is made up of strings. And it was weird, as of course I could feel the hands of the masseur ‘pushing’ my body, sometimes even going towards almost pain, but all of this was just ‘feeling’, no material, no ‘matter’.

So yes, this all went back to the subject Infinite Intelligence that was very close to me the last few days. And to the story I read a few days ago, the additional chapter of Outwitting the Devil. And to the book I read about how science is searching for how everything is built up and where it all comes from.

And the strange thing was, that ‘I’ was some kind of consciousness, but that I was aware that there were also other consciousnesses, like the masseur and the other people nearby. So I did not experience some kind of universal consciousness or infinite consciousness. And somehow the ‘matter’, the physical things were not created by me. I was just the observer, not a participant.

And I am not fully sure why I am sharing it here, but something inside of me wanted to keep that experience, hold the experience, write down the experience as it was some kind of esoteric experience, something very good and peaceful. So I wanted to share that feeling, like ‘everything is good, everything is okay’. And the somehow ‘divided’ consciousnesses. As that was very strange, as normally I believe there is just one universal consciousness that we are all part of.

So yes, I want you to know that everything is okay and that there are many levels of physical experience, where our daily experience is just one of them.

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