Free content on the internet today!

Today pretensions of internet users are on a very high level! Everybody wants well researched, useful and skillful written content. This content (which includes useful software tools etc.) must be found on a nicely designed website that exhibits a high grade of usability. All this has become self evident for the today internet user.

In addition, many network users even expect to get this content and the operating expenses that are associated with the creation for free. Some users even want to get all this 100 percent free from adds!

So what are the particular reasons for this kind of awkward situation on the internet today? Personally, I think this situation roots in the capitalistic principle of “supply and demand”: Supply determinates the price! So if enough people are willing to contribute content “for free”, the one who wants to sell the same or alike content will lose. At least if he or she won´t provide more or better content.

This is the situation today! Even if somebody doesn´t like those facts, he or she won´t be able to change it! At least not in the short run: “That’s just the way it is!”

But let´s move on to a more theoretical level of the topic and pose the question: Does the last-mentioned situation constitutes a moral entitlement on free content on the web?

Robin, definitely thinks: No! Only because content and tools are often found for free on the web doesn’t mean there is a “general right for free content”! So just because website “www.X.yz provides the content for free, it doesn’t mean that there is a general pretension to it.

As a consequence I think that everybody that regularly profits from content on the internet should think about giving something back someday. As human beings we need some motivation for our activities, especially in the long run.

“Giving something back” can occur in many different ways, possibilities are widespread. “Heavy wikipedia unsers” as an example  should consider writing or improving an article someday. Everybody that gets inspired and profits (financially) from Inspiration for success should consider to give something back someday.

Allready the bible knew: Its more blessed to give than to [just always] receive. I strongly believe in the saying: “What goes around, comes around”!

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