Give and receive

I, Guus, have been struggling with the business model for this site as inspiring people for success ‘should’ not be a business. But somehow it is. My main desire related to this project, related to the success I am looking for right now, even one of the main reasons for this project, for this site is to have enough money to lead a carefree life. It is an evolving idea as I am starting to realize it’s not so much about money but the things money represents to me, to you.

So the idea I have in mind right now, and that idea also goes back a long time, is that this site, this project is about us, the team of Inspiration for Success, giving people, giving you inspiration to achieve success. And as I indeed believe, as e.g. Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich, there is not something like ‘something for nothing’ we would need some kind of payment, some kind of compensation. And as we don’t want to decide, can’t decide for you, what you would be willing to give in return for what we are giving to you, have given to you (or not given) we want to leave it to you what you are willing to give in return for what you received from us.

So we are happy to receive anything you are willing to give, and yes money is very welcome as it is representing some ‘universal giving, universal receiving’, so it could be money. But it could be also something else or even nothing if you feel like we did not give you anything.

So if you have received something from us that is useful to you, please give something (back), but make sure you do it from gratitude and not from guilt or something, because we believe that only gratitude type giving ‘works’. Just give what feels good to you and in the form that feels good to you. If we all do that, always and everywhere, the world will be a much better place to live.

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