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Inspiration for Success, this website, the website of Inspiration for Success is ‘free’. And we want to keep it ‘free’. But ‘free’ doesn’t seem to work in real life and it’s also not in accordance with the Principles of Success this site is based on. And as we don’t like the principle of putting advertisements in the site to earn and as we also don’t believe in the principle of donating in the sense of charity we have been, and are still looking, for ways to make this site work.

And no, we don’t like the kind of screaming for donations of Wikipedia either, even though we admire the principles that are applied in Wikipedia which are a close match to our principles.

So we basically have the same concept as Wikipedia. But we want to do it a bit different. And we found the principle of ‘give back’, meaning something like if you like what you found on our site or if we inspired you for some success or if we helped you achieve success we would like to receive something back. And we want to leave it to you what it would be that you give back. And it could be anything.

What to give

So what to give? Well, of course we like to receive money as that is even one of the (main) desires, the goals of the founder of Inspiration for Success. And it could be any amount, although you may still find our ‘one dollar payment’ option in several places in the site as that’s where we started: give us one dollar if you think we gave you more than two dollars worth (through the site, through our efforts). But of course it could also be content in the form of articles. Or promotion, like telling your friends about the site. Or liking our project, our site in Facebook or any of the other social media. Or just make a link to our site or one of the pages to our site.

Mutual giving and receiving

And as ‘payment’, ‘money’ is a very important subject in Inspiration for Success (and in life) we have thought quite a lot about that. And we found that money is just a means to exchange services of people. And that theoretically it cannot even be stored, piled up like we do in bank accounts and such.

So there may be many ways to ‘give and receive’ related to our project, related to Inspiration for Success. Like providing images or texts or ideas or whatever in exchange for you or your work or ideas being promoted through our site.

But please note, we won’t accept any plain commercial advertising as we believe there are better ways to exchange the services of people than is the current thinking of humanity. Too many people don’t receive the services (or services in the form of products) that they even need, like food. So we’re looking for a change in thinking about ‘money’ and ‘services’ and ‘goods’. As e.g. all kinds of ‘abundance philosophies’ mention, there is abundance of everything in the world. Except the distribution seems to need improvement.

How to give money

For now we will just point you to our previous donate/pay page that has a Paypal button for a one dollar payment. For any other amount for now you can just make a payment to Paypal account with e-mail address or just send an e-mail to

Other ideas

It seems there are more ideas for a better distribution of ‘money’, wealth, services, products or whatever. See e.g. the following Swiss initiative: And before I never really got the idea of some ‘basic income for everybody’ I’m starting to believe more and more that we need a different model for the distribution of products and services in the world than the current system. In the article the following things struck me:

  • “Everyone wants to do something with his life. The question is whether we trust people to do that or we think we have to force people to take a job. The morality of work is fading because people can see that whether they’re working or not, they’re not being rewarded according to their efforts.” – Stanislas Jourdan
  • “Many supporters of basic income say it’s also a way to distribute better the jobs. In France there are 3 million people who don’t have a job, and 5 million who work too much. We can surely find a better answer than this.” – Stanislas Jourdan

And it seems the current economic problems are described also in concepts like Market Failure.

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