Go commercial or not

I, Guus, really enjoy working on this site. Even hard for me to stop. And i didn’t start it for commercial reasons, at least not consciously as far as I remember. Or did it as I also saw it as a way to get rich (in money)?

However, if I really want to continue with this, inspiring and supporting other people on their way to success and make it like my daily work i will have to find a way to get money to live as I am not that rich anymore, actually the opposite at the moment of writing.

I still prefer the donation type thing as you can read on my page donate, but I’m still not sure if that would work. Although maybe I should just believe it will work out somehow. And yes, somehow I believe that if something has quality in the end it will pay off, so for now I’ll stick with just writing content, maybe with here and there some affiliate links. Actually I am just annoyed with all the advertisements and selling of paid programs. But indeed, from the side of the writer, the world seems to want everything for ‘free’, so what option do you actually have? I am also annoyed with the big donation questions of Wikipedia. So for now I’m just trying to find a middle way, like just mentioning that if you like my site, get something out of it, please donate. For now still something like if you consider the value of your visit or the site more than USD 2.00 just pay me USD 1.00.

And while writing I realize almost everything in life is ‘commercial’, something like give and take. So yes, I feel like giving something, so you may just want to return something.

See also Business Model.

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