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Our idea of give and receive

Related to finance, payments, receiving, business model we want people to pay us whatever makes them happy to pay. To us that should be the basis for the payment, the receiving part of the ‘give and receive’, the ‘balance’ thing. And we know it’s a very uncommon model. And it’s payment. we certainly don’t want to end up like Wikipedia kind of ‘begging’ for ‘donations’. We are giving ‘inspiration to people to achieve success’. And we want to do that, are doing that, in a happy way, with a happy state of mind. And we want, we expect, people to ‘give back’ to us. Also in a happy way, with a happy state of mind. And with that thought in mind it is up to you to decide what you want to give, not up to us.


Money, yes money. That seems to be the root of everything, including the origin of this site.

And somehow this site is a business and somehow it’s not. But over time we came to the conclusion that the project Inspiration for Success needs money, somehow has a business side and should rather be run as a business than as a charity or something. So over time the originator decided to change the page donate into the page pay.

And read his latest idea on give and receive.

What we want

What the originator originally wanted was an easy way to get 1 million dollar through the internet and that was part of the reason the site was started. Another part was that he thought and thinks that no one ever inspired or coached him where he considers most of the successful people he knows have some kind of inspiring person or coach. So he was looking for a way to inspire or coach other people as he would have wanted (and still wants) to be inspired and/or coached.

And this whole story goes back to the ideas in the book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill, where success is considered starting from a desire, in this case receiving a lot of money, and normally, especially in the case of money, can be achieved in the most certain way by giving service to other people in ways as described in Think and Grow Rich.


So what service does Inspiration for Success want to give? Well, very simple:

Inspiring people for success.

And we want to do that in the broadest sense, like all kinds of inspiration, all people as we think all people in the end need some kind of external inspiration and all kinds of success, as we found that success comes in many shapes and flavors.

Payment ideas

We are not fully decided yet on the payment model as we did not find an existing payment model that we think is appropriate for what we do:

  • The original idea was payment through donations as the originator of the project didn’t like the advertising model that is commonly used.
  • As donate has the feeling of charity in it and as the origin of Inspiration for Success lies in the ideas of Napoleon Hill, donations don’t seem appropriate, so we changed to donate button to a pay button.
  • Then over time the project changed somewhat and the main goal became inspiring people, the service part, not the easy way to get one million dollar for the initiator. So more of a charity idea.
  • Then the originator pondered some more about how the world works. This was partly based on what Napoleon Hill writes about ‘something for nothing’ doesn’t work. And he realized it doesn’t  work two ways, as services cannot be given without receiving services from other people. Which in the current world means we need to receive money in exchange for the services we give.

Payment model

As of the moment the payment model is still as implemented a few months ago: please pay us USD 1.00 if you think the value that you received from Inspiration for Success is greater than USD 2.00. In that case we both win: you receive a value of USD 2.00 and we receive a value of USD 1.00. And that’s how basically the world works, how all financial systems work.

Sample goals

And then we have the financial sample goals which we don’t fully know yet how to put in the service model, although somehow it fits as it still applies that financial success for the originator would set a sample for success, the financial desire he had and still has. And there is more, as he has some responsibilities to promises he made or expectations he created with the initial team members.

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