What is success

September 28, 2016

Yes, what is success? I was thinking about this page when I was having dinner tonight. As the answer what success is seems to be very different per person, place and time.

Tonight was the first night I felt some genuine joy, genuine pleasure while cooking and eating my dinner about half an hour ago. So ‘success‘ for me right now is something like getting out of depression, this deep, dark cave of just feeling bad, being kind of desperate not knowing what to do and how to get out of it.

And strange, thinking about this page, as it was just kind of created for SEO reasons, like I wanted pages pointing to my page ‘success’ and such. But right now I was indeed thinking about “what is success” and not the ‘success‘ I had in mind when I started this site. Yes, I still want to be rich, have my hundred million Euros as I once stated it in my desire document, if you want to know my specifics about ‘getting money’. And no, I never shared that, but it feels like the right time to do so now. I don’t need to have any secrets about what I want as I am starting to believe that I am as healthy as my biggest secret.

And no, it is not wise to share everything with everybody, certainly not, but I guess my readers have the right to know what I am aiming for in life, as this site is still also about getting rich. And no, I have no clue how to do that still, although my hope is to achieve that with my DoctorsConnect venture. But with that project I am still stuck, basically without Master Mind and not having good enough plans.

But going back to my “what is success” from today it seems in a way things are just ‘given’, you cannot really force them. Somewhere, somehow there must be some Infinite Intelligence deciding it all, or maybe not all, as we humans seem to have our role and can certainly influence things.

And that is how I kind of got to this point today, or maybe the last few days, weeks, feeling a little bit more happy, feeling like somehow getting out of this deep dark cage of depression.

And many more things in my mind now, but I don’t feel like writing more, so I’ll just stop for now.

Maybe one more thing, as how I got to this point may have had something to do with starting eating bananas a few weeks ago, walking Arf ten rounds in the driveway every morning and starting to pull weeds from the grass in the garden.

And especially the last I can never do alone, maintaining the grass in the garden, as it is just too big an area. And that is also one thing I am learning, or maybe more accepting, that I cannot do it alone, nothing. But I started, and I learned, a lot, about weeds and grass and many more things, also relating that to weeds in the mind. But mainly about how beautiful weeds are and that it is just me deciding that I want the area just different, that I want the grass to be Bermuda grass.

And yes, so good to just watch TV, or actually Netflix, especially when realizing I wanted to go (back) to a ‘normal’ life, doing things like just watching TV in the evening. Also, for the first time in a long time I also enjoyed that. And again, that ‘came to me’, somehow naturally, somehow given, as I kind of accidentally ended up signing up for a Netflix trial one or two weeks ago.

Yes, given.

About success

When working on the page success I found there is much more to success than I thought, so I’m going to work that out further on this page.

According to Wikipedia, still my main source of information, at least a starting point, the word success is related to different things:

  • a level of social status;
  • achievement of a goal;
  • the opposite of failure.

At first this looked like a very weird list to me and it still kind of does. And it made me also think again about this website, what is the purpose of this website, what does the word success mean in its title and things like, what does success mean to me and to you.

And today, May 7, 2013, a whole new spectrum related to success opened to me: success for the soul or soul success. I have to think about that, like if I want to integrate that, as the whole idea of this website was about success in life and then more on an earthly level. See the post Troubled Soul on Difficult Path.

The word success related to this website

The word success in this website I think is and was meant as something like ‘success in life’. So more like a combination of level of social status and achievement of a goal, something like achieving your life goal as in achieving your main dream or dreams in life.

In that sense it is also the one mentioned as third, opposite of failure, opposite as failure in life.

But still, I am starting to realize there is more, more to success in life, more than success in life, the original idea of this website.

If you have followed my posts you may have read that I am starting to realize that I am very successful in many things and in many ways as I realized and found that most or actually everything I do every day I finish successfully, even if the thing itself is not finished. So success also means something like activities performed well, or even just activities performed.

So also while writing, there is more to success than I think and thought. As I am successful in all the little things I do I can also be happy, feel successful all the time, even though I didn’t reach my biggest dreams and goals in life. And this is maybe what many philosophers and such try to explain to people: be happy anyhow, no matter where you stand in life, no matter your status, as everything is ok.

I’ll come back to this later. First want to write some more in different chapters.

What is success for me

As written in the previous chapter my definition of being successful is starting to change, although I still also believe that in the end I would only feel successful in life if I have achieved the things I have written down in my definite purpose document.

Question remains though for everybody who has achieved his or her main goal in life: what’s next. So somehow I think it would not be a good thing to achieve your main goal in life, although that would depend on the goal. In my case I have tried to phrase my definite purpose in a way that even if I have achieved it, it would continue to be fulfilling.

What is success for you?

Yes, and that is what I have been thinking about the last few days. This website would be only useful if it would take into account what success would mean to you, to my readers, like when would you consider yourself successful.

So the main goal of this website I guess would be to inspire you to be successful, no more, no less.

So this paragraph may be the most important paragraph in this website, like how would I inspire you to achieve success without knowing what success means to you, when you would consider yourself to be successful.

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