History of my goal

My sample goal in this site may look very simple, like ‘I want to have one million dollars‘ (who wouldn’t want?), but I don’t think it’s that simple. Actually it goes back to a very early age that I somehow had the feeling I wanted to be rich, really rich.

And please note, until now and I guess I’ll keep it that way, my definite purpose as written down in a private statement is NOT money, even though I need money to make it come true fully. So again, there is more behind my one million visit(or)s and one million dollar goal than it appears.

The last half year or so it came back in the form that I felt that I had lost almost everything, literally everything. At the beginning of that ‘losing everything’ somehow the book Think and Grow Rich came to me and that was kind of the beginning of saying to myself and wanted success, I wanted to be rich, I did not want to worry about my daily needs anymore, wanted to do the things i did before that I couldn’t do anymore. And I wanted more as I started to believe that a human being is meant for success, is meant to enjoy life, not live in misery, which I did and kind of still do at the moment of writing.

Please note the ‘came to me’ in the previous paragraph. Again, I do believe in something like Infinite Intelligence or God or whatever name you have for, well, ‘that’. The book ‘came to me’ in a very weird way and somehow I started working mainly from this book, not the others that were also given to me. And it started with a personal non financial goal, a goal that was so unimaginable, so unreachable, that at the time I could never have imagined to ever reach it. And I still didn’t reach it, but it is certainly not unreachable anymore.

So I started this process and the bad part was that things even got worse, much worse, much worse than I could ever have imagined. And it is only recently that I am starting to believe that the lowest point in this part of my life, in my life has passed, although I’m not fully sure yet.

To be continued…

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