How to get 1000 dollars in three weeks. Please help mossche.

Mmm, not sure what to do as John deleted the post about his project to help Mossche. Ah, and I didn’t check the trashcan yet, so it might be still here,but I couldn’t find it before. And I see Johns own post is still there, so I’m not sure why he deleted the post here.

And yes, I know or I had the feeling that his project failed, as I asked about it during the time it was still actual, but maybe that failure was just something to learn from. And right now I am in doubt, as I don’t want to go against team members as they have their own responsibility, but I also don’t like the post was just deleted without me knowing, at least I don’t remember John mention anything about it.

So this writing is all about leadership and rules and relations and not wanting to hurt other people. And I don’t know how to go on here. Or maybe I know, as Napoleon Hill states that in this case I should take responsibility for the failure, for the failure of Johns project and for the failure of the deleted page, as that project was important to me.

So where did I fail? Well, in the first thing that I was not able to keep the team together, to inspire them to work for my project for the project Inspiration for Success. And second for not setting rules for deletion of pages or how to deal with failures or failed projects related to Inspiration for Success.

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