John is an online marketer, triathlete and marathon runner, and loves to travel – especially the Philippines, his second home. At the moment, he is based in the land of the 7107 islands to get to know more about his Philippine roots and to create something new while being a webworker. He studied historical sciences and philosophy at the LMU Munich.

He wants to contribute his expert knowledge to IFS when it comes to internet marketing and will also be writing about “success in sport” (read one of his posts here). One of his long-term goals is finishing an Ironman Triathlon which can only be achieved by regular training, a lot of persistence, commitment and a healthy lifestyle.

What does he expect from IFS?
“I see as a source for inspiration and daily motivation to achieve my goals and have even more success in different areas in my life. I am happy to contribute to this project; I want to write at least one post per month which really helps people to get inspired and have more success. Moreover, I want to help to get more readers for IFS and make it the best website about inspiration and success.

As of now, I do not expect too much financial success from IFS, but feedback from some of the readers and ideas and inspiration for myself. If we are persistent enough, we as team members of IFS might also be able to earn a bit; but I guess that it might take some more months, until we can have a real financial profit from it.”

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