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Site: http://danwaldschmidt.com.

Author: Dan Waldschmitt.

Category: Business.

About: Stay EDGY, be awesome.


I am still in the process of creating separate pages of all the sites that were in my list on the page Top Inspirational Sites before. And I never checked the site, but just opened it and it looks pretty awesome with a lot of advice and information about making your business successful. I couldn’t figure out straight away what the EDGY stands for and the page that is about that is not easy to navigate at first sight (with a normal browser as an old fashioned guy like I uses).

Just found it though:

  • Extreme Behavior.
  • Disciplined Activity
  • Giving Mindset
  • Y(H)uman Strategy

And yes, sounds pretty awesome and the site has a good feel to me, so worthwhile browsing.

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