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Author: Pat Flynn.

Category: Business.

Year started: 2007.

About: Let's see what works.


Contacting Pat Flynn was recommended to me, Guus, by one of my team members. Cannot be coincidence that I found his name in this top ten list and just tried to contact him for advice as recommended by John. And never got a reply, so I’m not really happy with that. And never followed up. Guess I’ll try again.

At first sight Smart Passive Income seems to be a typical blogger success story with Pat Flynn earning around USD 50,000.00 this or last month and saying he is a family guy and such. Don’t get me wrong, I love these stories, but I’ve seen so many before and they all sound similar. And I didn’t get there yet, so am still a bit jealous also or something. And I know I may not have the right mindset, as me being fired several times and not being able to run my business successful did not turn into ‘the best thing in my life’ yet.

First statement I seen on the homepage is:

I’m the crash test dummy of online business, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to build your business better.

And at first sight nothing ‘inspiring’ (as we are looking for the best inspirational sites), except of course that Pat Flynn seems to be a successful blogger, a successful person.

So for now I think I’ll skip this site in relation to being inspirational to people as the target group seems to be more like bloggers or people who want to make money online, not people in general looking for inspiration.

I just did find an inspiring story though: inspiring story from Pat Flynn.

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