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Well, I just realized that Inspiration for Success began as a website. A website to bring success, yes also financial success to the initiator. And somehow this website, or any website, seems to make think people about ‘difficult’ and ‘technical’, especially if you’re building it, building websites. So we ended up with mainly technical people, even three of the four team members are very directly involved in ‘internet’. Internet like building website, internet like Internet Marketing and internet like Search Engine Optimization.

And I just realized we don’t have a page about Internet Marketing. And maybe we shouldn’t have, as the website is about inspiration, motivation and success. But especially in the current phase, and I’m talking August 2013, around four months after the start of the project, Internet Marketing is a very high priority issue as we want people to use the site, benefit from the site, benefit from the knowledge and experience of the IFS team.

And we don’t have traffic, although we did go up in the Google ranks quite quickly with the phrase ‘inspiration for success’, especially the last few weeks. And in (be careful clicking this link as it affects your Google search settings) we are in position 4 right now, at least from my location.

SEO statistics

And again, I’m not sure if there should be a lot of stuff in this site about Internet Marketing and SEO as it is intended to be a site for inspiration, motivation and success. But somehow for now the success seems to be strongly related to ‘internet marketing’ and that also means ‘search engine optimization’ and that also means ‘internet statistics and analysis’.

And also for the team, to keep ourselves motivated while there is still hardly any traffic, I think it would be useful to keep some statistics. And as we need ‘success’, especially for the initiator of the site, we need to see progress, as that may already be success, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

So yes, position 4 in Google with the phrase ‘inspiration for success’ with a lot of competition after starting around 4 months ago is not bad, actually very good. And with the phrase ‘inspiration to success’ on position 5 or so is also good. And being on page 2 of the Google search results with ‘inspiration success’ is also quite remarkable.

So yes, success needs to be planned, but also certainly be measured. And not only for the end result, but also in the mean time. Maybe that’s what’s not included enough in Think and Grow Rich.

Created by Guus on August 4, 2013.

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