How sports can inspire and help you to be more successful

I recently published an article about my first triathlon here in the Philippines and I am quite happy about the fact that so many people enjoyed reading the post – thank you for your interest!

During the last couple of weeks and months, a few people were asking me about how I could spend so much time with my (almost) daily training; and I would always reply something like “I just got used to it” and “I need that exercise to balance my virtual life as an online marketer”.

And in fact, without my marathon and triathlon training, I would not be that successful with my business and my whole life for several reasons:

– my training makes sure that I would regularly get away from all the online issues and problems showing up in my all-day-life and cool down again after heatening up because something didn’t work out the way I wanted to

setting goals in sports like the next marathon run or the next triathlon event at a certain date helps me a lot to stay also focused with my business and reach my set goals in other important parts in my life

– finishing sport events might help you to be more self-confident and more confident towards your goals you follow; success in sports might complement success in business and your whole life

– training with sports partners is inspiring and also inspires people who are not yet doing sports or just couldn’t find time yet to be a bit more “active”. I was sometimes amazed how people around me started to also run, swim and bike only because I served as an example and took action.

I for myself got deeply inspired by Haruki Murakami’s book “What I talk about when I talk about running”. I shared that wonderful book as well with some friends and almost all of them appreciated it and started to run on their own or started other actions.

How to get started?
No matter, what sport you start with – take your time. If you are going to do your first runs, then do not try to run fast. Many people who make the decision to become a runner fail because they want too much in a short period of time.

Find someone who masters your sport and ask him to be your mentor. As in many other areas in life it is good to have somebody who can show you how to get started; best would be to have a sports partner to get motivation from – maybe you could also inspire each other?

How about you? Are you also doing sports and how did that change your life / inspire you / made you more successful in various aspects? I would love to read your comments and get inspired by you!

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I have a background in history and philosophy, but also started to work as an online marketer in 2008. After I graduated at the LMU Munich in spring 2013, I moved to my second home, the Philippines. At the moment, I am traveling the Philippine islands mostly on my bicycle, joining triathlon and marathon events, surfing the internet as a webworker and writing about my travels and life journey on many different websites. I write on Inspiration for Success, Philippinen Tours and a few more projects. I wish that we are able to inspire you! Have a nice day John

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