Love yourself

For quite a while I wanted to write here as on certain days I wanted to share something, but somehow I didn’t, somehow it didn’t happen. And today I felt like writing and I started as you can see, but now I don’t really know what to write or how to write it or where to put it. I guess the main reason I started writing today is because I am very much impressed with the work of Louise Hay. As today I listened to one of her tapes and she mentioned some conclusions I also came to by myself, mainly something why many people seem to think or feel they are not good enough. And it seems many of us are just raised like that, raised in the christian tradition about sin and a punishing God and such. And remembering what I also experienced in work environments that I always had to do better. And while writing this I guess had the same attitude to my staff (and to myself) when my company still had staff.

And it still doesn’t fully add up to me as indeed, I want to change, improve myself, get better, be better. But doesn’t that always imply I’m not good enough? Or is change indeed about growth, not about getting better.

Yes, the Universe, everything is changing, continuously, in all kinds of ways, from the very small, the superstrings to the very large, like milky ways; or even smaller or bigger. So what is this universal consciousness and how do humans fit in and how does human suffering fit in there. Like most of my life I felt a lot of pain, emotional pain and I wouldn’t wish that to my worst enemy. And I guess I had more emotional pain than the average human being, but still, while reading a lot of stuff it seems most or maybe even all humans somehow suffer from this pain, whatever it is.

Mmmm, and right now I don’t know where this post goes. And I am starting to feel tired. So maybe just end with something like of course every human being is already good as he or she is just as he or she is. And that there is something like change and something like feeling better.

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