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From blame to healing

I just realized that I have gone from blame to healing. Instead of blaming everything and everyone I am now listening to meditation tapes and it seems they have indeed changed my mindset, my attitude into a more positive one, like looking for healing within me, looking for the wounds inside and trying to find healing for them.


Just wanted to share this. Not sure what else to write now.

So change is possible.

My ideal (loving) Higher Power


I am still struggling with the idea of ‘God‘ and ‘Higher Power‘, especially related to LOVING Higher Power or Loving God. And yes, while writing, I am also struggling why in the Twelve Steps in Step 2 there is a mention of Higher Power and in Step 3 it is about God. As if God and Higher Power are the same. But maybe they are not.


Photo that appealed to me related
to Higher Power right now (found on oalifeline,
I have no rights for this photo)

I just put the photo, based on my feeling, which did not make sense to me. But later I saw the clouds, the sky behind the dog, representing The Universe, Higher Power to me. And I just realized that my dogs, including two Rottweilers, like on the photo, support me so much recently, seeming to feel what I feel, feeling so bad, and still wanting to be me, as close as possible. That is such a great feeling, such a great gift.

A (loving?) Higher Power of my understanding

I wrote below the characteristics of what a loving Higher Power would be to me, like when a Higher Power would be loving. And I realized I ended up writing my definition of a Higher Power, which I realized could be interpreted as ‘playing God’.

Then I thought further and defining ‘loving Higher Power’ or ‘love’ in my understanding would indeed be something like defining like I did. As if a loving Higher Power would not match my definition it would not be a loving Higher Power in my understanding. Then it could still be a Higher Power, but not ‘loving’.

And looking at the things I wrote I expect from a loving Higher Power implies that Higher Power would have unlimited power, be able to do ‘anything’ in my life, in the world, in The Universe. And of course that goes back to my understanding of ‘God’, the God I know from the bible, the God that is all powerful. And that God is also like the God of Islam and such.

So if a/my Higher Power is loving in my understanding and all powerful, then why does He or She not give me what I want and think I need? Well, i guess those things go back to understanding life, to the dilemma of life, the dilemma I guess we all struggle with.

Characteristics I relate to loving Higher Power

Anyhow, I was thinking I could at least write down what to me the characteristics of a Loving Higher Power would be. So here we go:

  • A loving Higher Power would give me what I want, no matter what, or would at least help me get what I want.
  • One of the things I would expect a loving Higher Power to do right now is to give me enough money to do the things I want to do, or at least enough money to provide in my current needs, provide enough money ‘to pay the bills’ so to speak.
  • I would expect a loving Higher Power also to take away my current suffering, especially that terrible feeling I mostly, or lately always, wake up with.
  • I also would expect a loving Higher Power to help me use my talents in a way, yes, that I want, like use my talents to make some decent income, or at least make sure I have enough money so I could share my talents for free. As I love to work, use my talents, yes, provided that my work is somehow appreciated, which I feel it is not right now.
  • I would also expect a loving Higher Power to give me the love life that I want, the love life I think I need and deserve, like sleeping together and yes, making love, having sex, preferably with who I consider and want to be my lifetime partner, preferably with Lee.
  • I would expect a loving Higher Power also to find a way so I could visit my mom at least one more time before she dies, or before I die, as she would love so much to see me and I would also like to see her.
  • And yeah, I would expect a loving Higher Power to help me restore The Malasag House, renovate it, make it beautiful again, hopefully with the same spirit in which Lee and me occupied it long time ago, in 2006.
  • And yeah, I would like my Higher Power to take away the burden of my loan away, just pay it, just let it go, just leave it in the past. And I am not sure how much I learned from that experience, of how that loan all came to be, but it was not only my fault, my mistake, there were also others involved in that.
  • Ah, yes, I would also want my Higher Power to help get YokYok and Arf together, so we can be a family again, together with all the dogs in one place, happy together.
  • He or She would certainly not want me to do things I don’t want to do or don’t like to do.
  • Communicate often, show my love often, let Him or Her know I am here/there.

My part

Next to thinking about what a loving Higher Power would be to me I was also thinking to add what a loving Higher Power would want from me. And what comes to mind now, maybe also what a loving Higher Power would want to give me:

  • A loving Higher Power would want me to be happy and enjoy life, enjoy all the things there are in the world, all the things there are in ‘creation’.
  • A loving Higher Power would want me to be careful with everything in His creation.
  • A loving Higher Power would want me to love Him or Her back: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”.
  • A loving Higher Power would want me to do the things I love to do, do the things He created me for.
  • A loving Higher Power would want me to communicate often with Him or Her often.

What next?

So what is next? While writing it came to me that I can at least do my part. As by the nature, the definition of Higher Power I cannot control my/a Higher Power, whether of my understanding or not.

And then indeed, it is up to my Higher Power to do His or Her part. At least now He or She now knows more about what I would expect from a loving Higher Power, how I look at ‘love’ or ‘loving’. Maybe He or She could consider my thoughts on that.

So my part would be:

  • be happy and enjoy life;
  • be careful with anything in this/His/Her creation;
  • love Him or Her as I want or expect to be loved;
  • do the things I love to do and/or He or She created me for;
  • communicate often, show my love often, let Him or Her know I am here/there.

Sounds pretty simple, so let’s start from here.

Preliminary result

Writing this page, the above, a few days ago has had some kind of positive influence on me, as it gave me a way to focus on my part whenever I am angry or confused or whatever. Like I just found myself chatting to a friend “I hate God for …” and that brought me back to the fact that my part does say to “love my Higher Power”, not “hate my Higher Power”. It also made me realize that I can maybe only love someone or something if I can also hate him or her or it. Somehow anything also relates to its opposite, like there is no love if there is no such thing as hate.

It also helped me leave the things I expect from a loving Higher Power with my loving Higher Power, so I don’t need to ‘work so hard’ to achieve those things.

Love yourself

For quite a while I wanted to write here as on certain days I wanted to share something, but somehow I didn’t, somehow it didn’t happen. And today I felt like writing and I started as you can see, but now I don’t really know what to write or how to write it or where to put it. I guess the main reason I started writing today is because I am very much impressed with the work of Louise Hay. As today I listened to one of her tapes and she mentioned some conclusions I also came to by myself, mainly something why many people seem to think or feel they are not good enough. And it seems many of us are just raised like that, raised in the christian tradition about sin and a punishing God and such. And remembering what I also experienced in work environments that I always had to do better. And while writing this I guess had the same attitude to my staff (and to myself) when my company still had staff.

And it still doesn’t fully add up to me as indeed, I want to change, improve myself, get better, be better. But doesn’t that always imply I’m not good enough? Or is change indeed about growth, not about getting better.

Yes, the Universe, everything is changing, continuously, in all kinds of ways, from the very small, the superstrings to the very large, like milky ways; or even smaller or bigger. So what is this universal consciousness and how do humans fit in and how does human suffering fit in there. Like most of my life I felt a lot of pain, emotional pain and I wouldn’t wish that to my worst enemy. And I guess I had more emotional pain than the average human being, but still, while reading a lot of stuff it seems most or maybe even all humans somehow suffer from this pain, whatever it is.

Mmmm, and right now I don’t know where this post goes. And I am starting to feel tired. So maybe just end with something like of course every human being is already good as he or she is just as he or she is. And that there is something like change and something like feeling better.


Yesterday I realized that for the last week or so I have been paralyzed with work, with the stuff needed to be done to achieve success. And the good news was that at least I really realized it, so I can do something about it. And it came to my mind that also Think and Grow Rich recognizes that you can be paralyzed. And in my mind is that the solution is to just start with something very small. Like with physically being paralyzed you could try with starting to move a finger, or even a part of your finger (no offense meant to people who are really paralyzed). And for me is just to restart my daily planning again, writing daily things I am going to do, something I couldn’t really get started for the last few weeks or maybe even months. And the good thing in life is also that you can just start again, all over again, no matter where you are or how stuck you feel.

So yesterday I started to write some little things for today. Just the things I had already planned in my head. And I added something for tomorrow, something very small and something with a lot of added maybes and such, but I added something work.

And the main thing I guess that made it feel different from earlier when I restarted the planning, like a few days ago I added some leaves of paper for additional days, is that I am really committed again to start it, restart it. So something I changed my mindset, my outlook.

And yes, I believe more and more also that you can’t force these things. There is something like Infinite Intelligence or God that needs to inspire you. Or something they call the Law of Attraction. Or something like desire.

So yes, please, do start, do start wiggling your finger or toe or whatever small body part when your body doesn’t feel like moving. But do start small and only do it when you feel inspired, as without inspiration or desire, no matter how much you want something and no matter how much action you put into something, it will only have effect when there is some positive force behind it.


Self analysis, question 41

Hmm, interesting question today: “Does your occupation inspire you with faith and hope”? And the answer is yes and no as I have always, or at least mostly, worked with pleasure, but in the end most of the work I did was not appreciated by bosses or customers.

And I am still working, still trying to make things work, still trying to find something that satisfies me and others, but until now it seems I have not really succeeded with that.

And yes, somehow I have faith and hope that it will work out one day. As the founder of Dropbox said: “You only have to be right once”.