More on forgiveness

The word forgiveness keeps sticking in my mind. Together with the related word ‘wrong’ and also the words guilt and responsibility as to me the last two sound the same, have the same meaning.

So forgiveness implies something wrong has been done (intentionally?). And to undo(?) that wrong you need to forgive. Or at least that’s one of the things you can do according to what I found on Wikipedia. As Wikipedia mentions condoning, excusing, pardoning, forgetting and reconciliation as alternatives.

And while re-reading the article on Wikipedia I realize that I am pretty vengeful, as recently I often notice I want revenge for wrong that has been done to me.

And I realize I have to stop now, as it is very late, I had a pretty bad day, especially the start and I’m just sleepy.

Strange, as I was planning a really good post here now today and I think I started pretty well.

So more or better tomorrow.

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