My planning weakness

I was thinking about my planning weakness: not really able to work under deadline pressure. As it seems when I am working under a deadline I tend to freak out and finally stop, just becoming paralyzed, or at least not being able to work under time pressure. I guess my need for freedom is part of that.

So what can I do to overcome that weakness, to get things done without putting too much deadline stress onto myself. Well, I guess it would be something similar as the ToDo list I created a while ago, but now related to my main project: DoctorsConnect. As for the last weeks I have hardly done anything related to programming due to some kind of “programmers block” or “depression block” or “stress block”. Ah, and it is not only programming I want to organize somehow. I also want related tasks to be organized in a way so I can handle them without feeling too much ‘deadline stress’ or ‘progress stress’.

So well, let’s list some items to be finished and go from there:

  1. finish the finance functionality up to some kind of ‘usable’ state, like at least everything is visible and can be found and everything can be edited;
  2. work on the members part, improve the flow so the system is more usable;
  3. work on the members part make the SMS functionality work for the dentist reminders;
  4. create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between all my systems/computers;
  5. create a secure mySQL connection between and;
  6. create the master/slave mySQL setup I have in mind;

So well, maybe I can plan ‘something’ for tomorrow, as today it is already late, even though I feel pretty guilty or uncomfortable not having done any programming today for DoctorsConnect. But yeah, I did quite some things today, even though my codependent mind tells me ‘not enough’. But no matter I have done today, it is almost 11 pm and that is supposed to be enough for most people I guess, so why not for me?

So well, I guess tomorrow I can try to at least finish the edit functionality for the finance records. Should not be that much work. And if I feel like it I could work a little on the VPN functionality

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