No clue

I have no clue what to write about right now. I am still kind of bothered with all this internet stuff, even though I decided to NOT work on that today, but do something tomorrow with it, about it. But not easy as even while I was checking this page and writing right now I see that is messed up by the Globe malware/spyware. And yes, that’s what I learned, that sticking to decisions is quite helpful, even though it’s not always easy. As it makes life kind of simpler. And I learned some discipline, like finishing all the tasks I put to myself every day. And mostly I do, even though every now and then it’s just too much and I allow myself to stop, to rest.

And that still seems to be one of my weaknesses, that I’m just planning too much on one day. And/or just continue going, even though maybe I should stop, say stop to myself. But that’s still kind of a dilemma to me, as I still kind of presume that successful people are busy. And yes, mostly they are. But I also am, even though I often allow myself to do ‘nothing’.

But yes, I also agree with what I read somewhere, that successful people often don’t work so hard. That they somehow manage to get things done without too much effort. And that must be like putting other people to work or something. But somehow that’s not it.

So yes, still some secret there, something I still don’t get. As I am persistent, if not just very stubborn, can work hard and often do more than I see other people do and somehow it doesn’t seem to work.

So what about you? Are you successful? So what’s your secret? Or are you not and still kind of struggling like me?

Please let me know your thoughts.

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