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Strange to sit here in a coffee shop where I ordered something to drink and a piece of cake as I wanted to use the internet to write my daily posts and update my (Dutch) gratitude diary. And after ordering and getting the password I found out the internet was slow, very slow, as none of the sites I opened. And it is so bad that the WordPress editor does not even properly open, so after typing some words for my Dutch blog item I was kind of stuck. And it is a bit amazing, as internet in The Philippines is supposed to be bad, but not this bad. As with my technical knowledge and skills I looked a bit further what was going on. And it seems the connection is Globe and amazingly more than half of the tcp/ip packets don’t seem to arrive. And I guess you don’t know what that means, but it means among other things that traffic will just increase, as those packets will be resent as tcp/ip is designed to deliver information in a reliable way. So while waiting, like ten minutes, fifteen minutes or more, I was thinking what is the positive side of this. And at first I couldn’t really find anything. As the Globe system just seems to suck and of course I will blame the Globe technicians that they don’t know what they are doing and such things. And I guess that is true.

So I found myself with a very slow, unusable internet connection, at least for the purpose I am using it for, kind of waiting for either something working or my partner and some friends returning.. And yes, again, with my new mindset of persistence and not giving up and trying to find some way of getting things done, I found at least ‘something’ as I realised that I can just write my posts in a text editor and upload them later to the site or sites. So I can just write my daily blog post or blog posts, and maybe in the mean time the WordPress editor will load, so I may even be able to just copy this text to the site.

And another positive thing is that, as you may know if you follow my posts, was already considering to improve my writing, like maybe even combining the writing of several days into one weekly post or so, instead of daily writing a small and not so good item.

So yes, even in this situation, where of course I am somehow I am still very annoyed, as I can’t do what I wanted to do, it is possible to find something possible and finding and learning new ways, other ways to do things, like writing my daily blog post.

And the strangest thing I am experiencing right now is even that this new thing of writing a blog post in a text editor seems to put my mind in a whole different ‘mode’. Like I am just activating different parts of my mind that give me new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking.

So yes, even though I was annoyed and still kind of am, because it seems I won’t be able to post this post right now, tonight, there is something good in it. And I don’t even feel that bad and start even to feel good as I am enjoying different parts of my mind being opened, creative parts of my mind. Parts that my even help me now to find new ways of doing things, where I may also feel stuck.

So yes, you can find something good in any situation.

And my partner and friends just joined and I realised on the other side of the street is OK Pension where my friend and somehow also I have good connections. So I just went there and just copied the above text here. So again achieved to publish my daily post on the day itself!

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  1. John

    Hi Guus,

    since I experienced similar problems with internet connection in the Philippines, I also started to write much more being offline. Another very good thing about that is that I am much more focused because I am not tempted to always surf from one website to another one:D


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