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I know what I am planning to write may be a bit strange and may not fit the purpose of the site, but as you may know I have been experimenting the last few days, the last week, with a ‘virtual private cabinet’ as Napoleon Hill said he created, had, for a long time. And me being me I have kind of been forcing the members of my cabinet to have their own personality as Napoleon Hill states the members of his cabinet had. And of course that didn’t really work, as forcing things mostly or never work. But tonight I had a very strange experience, as somehow indeed the members of my virtual private cabinet started to do ‘their own thing’.

Napoleon BonaparteAnd one of the strangest thing was that Napoleon (Bonaparte) took the place of Gandhi. And his reason was that Gandhi was too weak a person for me, that I needed a more strong person. And Gandhi just left, I don’t know where he went and if he would be back.

And some more strange things happened. As some people were late, like Donald Trump and Napoleon Hill. Or actually everybody was late. And it all started with the remark that I was just waiting, somehow indicating that I didn’t really wanted a meeting, needed a meeting. So it was a bit chaotic, where Richard Branson as usual was very friendly and supporting.

Ah, and what probably started all this was that yesterday I started reading Napoleon‘s biography on Wikipedia. And I was amazed about what I found there, as it seems he was defeated and failed many times. And my feeling and I guess the feeling of most people is that he was very successful. But apparently he was not.

And right now I am a bit amazed with how he looks like, about the photo’s(?!) I am finding from him. As he looks completely different from the image I have of him and how he appears in the meetings, in my imagination.

So strange, to see those people, those imaginations of mine, come alive. And I still don’t know what to think of it, if it indeed is my own imagination playing tricks with me, or if there is indeed some kind of reality, some kind of connection to the real original person.

More to follow I guess. And very interesting to me, and for some of you maybe worth a try. And no, it’s not scary, at least not to me. I’m just looking for help and they are helping me. And that’s a big thing to me, as it’s not easy for me to find people, friends in real life helping me.

Virtual reality

I have entered a strange virtual reality recently, mainly because if my virtual private cabinet, but also because I get many answers by just closing my eyes and just ‘listening’. So tonight I had this meeting with my my virtual private cabinet, and indeed, as Napoleon Hill indicates, the members have their own personality and answer and do as they please. And of course I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me by just giving answers and showing behavior that it presumes belongs to the specific person, but it is strange indeed that I am getting answers that I can’t imagine just coming from my own mind, from my own imagination. The strangest thing I heard was Bill Gates saying he didn’t know anything about money. And yes, I know I didn’t make him an official member of my my virtual private cabinet, but I think he was and somehow he is standing on the right side behind Gandhi, so he was present, but not fully.

Ah, and why this virtual private cabinet? Well, I guess because I had and still have problems getting one or more Master Mind groups together for my projects. And a few days ago, when I again encountered Napoleon Hill’s story about his virtual private cabinet, it came to my mind that his own Master Mind could have no more or less than his own virtual private cabinet. And the more I think about it, this may be just a way for me to have something like a Master Mind, as in real life I can’t seem to realize this.

And yes, if it is true that I am really a bit like Napoleon Hill this may just be a way for us to get the cooperation and feedback we need (or needed in the case of Napoleon Hill). And Napoleon Hill never mentions in his book anything about his own Master Mind, but he does mention his own virtual private cabinet. So they may just be the same. And the same may be true for you.

Imagination and subconscious mind

Mitsubishi Pajero

Guus in black PajeroThe last few weeks, months I have been imagining driving my black Mitsubishi Pajero, e.g. when riding up to Malasag using a habal-habal. So like closing my eyes and imagining I was driving my new black Mitsubishi Pajero or was sitting next to the driver and being driven up, to our house. And I have been imagining my (a?) black Mitsubishi Pajero driving up the driveway towards the house. And recently I have been imagining my black Mitsubishi Pajero standing in the driveway like being our car, like just using it, going in and out. And the last imagination took me quite a while, but last week I managed to really make a vivid image of it and really believing it.

And this is all kind of weird, as I have no clue how I could ever be able to buy a new black Mitsubishi Pajero, let alone drive it and pay for the fuel e.g. And no, I never really believed in these kind of things, but as Napoleon Hill indicates in his book Think and Grow Rich I decided to just try things like this, do things like this, no matter how weird or unfamiliar they felt or feel.

But as indicated above, somehow these things have effect, as before I had no idea of how to really feel like owning it, where as I also indicated above, last week I really saw ‘my’ Pajero stand in the driveway and me getting in and out, going to the city and such. And somehow I have and had the feeling it came closer, like first on the way up to Malasag, then seeing it drive up the driveway and recently just see it standing in the car port as if I, if we own it.

And last Saturday I saw a black Mitsubishi Pajero in front of the dealer, apparently just delivered from the factory. And I couldn’t resist to send an e-mail to MItsubishi Manila yesterday. And I am not sure if that was the reason I got this phone call from the Mitsubishi this morning or if they just remembered I was looking for a test drive and such in a (black) Mitsubishi Pajero. But I got it and even though at first I was a bit hesitant to go there ‘before two o’clock’ as I had planned quite some things today, I decided to go, as of course this was an opportunity I could not miss, like sitting in the car I have decided to own and making pictures of me sitting in this car and making pictures. So I went and we did make pictures, as I was even able to convince my partner to join. And the next step of course is to convince, ask the owner to bring his car to our house so I can really make pictures of a black Pajero in our driveway with me sitting in it.

And all of this is weird, as of course I am doubting my decision of owning this car that I specified without even really knowing it. So today was also weird, as sitting in it didn’t really feel like ‘wow’ or something. It was more about something like ‘achieving success’, getting what I want, getting what I decided on, without changing my decision, without doubt.

And no, I still have no real clue where all of this is going, as it is kind of ‘impossible’ for me to own a Mitsubishi Pajero within a reasonable time, like one or two years (I did not set a specific date for this goal), but it is kind of weird, kind of impressive, to see the effect of my visualizations and actions like writing to Mitsubishi, where the strangest thing is that in my imagination my Mitsubishi Pajero came closer and closer, like first going up Malasag Road, then going up the driveway and now standing in the driveway and ‘just being used’. And maybe even more weird that there is an actual black Pajero right now in Cagayan de Oro City, which makes it even ‘come closer’ to me, especially if it would really stand in the driveway somewhere this week or next week.

So let’s see. I’ll keep you posted.


Mitsubishi Pajero 2015I was just organizing my photos and saw a photo named Mitsubishi Pajero 2015. And no, I don’t have my own black Mitsubishi Pajero yet. And yes, I am worrying a bit that this model will not be there anymore when I would be able to buy one, as I know kind of know something like that will probably not just be given to me. That is not what they call reality.

But maybe I am getting closer, as I may have found the first user of my DoctorsConnect software and that is an important milestone for further progress of that project, my main project at the moment.

And I did not really re-read this post right now, but I am sure many things in it are still valid, even though I often lost and loose the belief that I can go where I want to go and be who I want to be. Somehow these things are indeed related to belief, any belief.

And often I forget to be grateful. And yes, I think I need to let go of this punishing God of mine, the God from my youth, the God that is still in my mind and still rules my life. Not healthy, or at least not convenient, a punishing God, as it just puts me down, puts me down in everything I do. Better to have a loving God, a supporting God I guess.

So where will I find this positive Higher Power, this loving Higher Power, this loving God?

No internet

Strange to sit here in a coffee shop where I ordered something to drink and a piece of cake as I wanted to use the internet to write my daily posts and update my (Dutch) gratitude diary. And after ordering and getting the password I found out the internet was slow, very slow, as none of the sites I opened. And it is so bad that the WordPress editor does not even properly open, so after typing some words for my Dutch blog item I was kind of stuck. And it is a bit amazing, as internet in The Philippines is supposed to be bad, but not this bad. As with my technical knowledge and skills I looked a bit further what was going on. And it seems the connection is Globe and amazingly more than half of the tcp/ip packets don’t seem to arrive. And I guess you don’t know what that means, but it means among other things that traffic will just increase, as those packets will be resent as tcp/ip is designed to deliver information in a reliable way. So while waiting, like ten minutes, fifteen minutes or more, I was thinking what is the positive side of this. And at first I couldn’t really find anything. As the Globe system just seems to suck and of course I will blame the Globe technicians that they don’t know what they are doing and such things. And I guess that is true.

So I found myself with a very slow, unusable internet connection, at least for the purpose I am using it for, kind of waiting for either something working or my partner and some friends returning.. And yes, again, with my new mindset of persistence and not giving up and trying to find some way of getting things done, I found at least ‘something’ as I realised that I can just write my posts in a text editor and upload them later to the site or sites. So I can just write my daily blog post or blog posts, and maybe in the mean time the WordPress editor will load, so I may even be able to just copy this text to the site.

And another positive thing is that, as you may know if you follow my posts, was already considering to improve my writing, like maybe even combining the writing of several days into one weekly post or so, instead of daily writing a small and not so good item.

So yes, even in this situation, where of course I am somehow I am still very annoyed, as I can’t do what I wanted to do, it is possible to find something possible and finding and learning new ways, other ways to do things, like writing my daily blog post.

And the strangest thing I am experiencing right now is even that this new thing of writing a blog post in a text editor seems to put my mind in a whole different ‘mode’. Like I am just activating different parts of my mind that give me new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking.

So yes, even though I was annoyed and still kind of am, because it seems I won’t be able to post this post right now, tonight, there is something good in it. And I don’t even feel that bad and start even to feel good as I am enjoying different parts of my mind being opened, creative parts of my mind. Parts that my even help me now to find new ways of doing things, where I may also feel stuck.

So yes, you can find something good in any situation.

And my partner and friends just joined and I realised on the other side of the street is OK Pension where my friend and somehow also I have good connections. So I just went there and just copied the above text here. So again achieved to publish my daily post on the day itself!

Decision, persistence, repetition and more

I am more and more amazed with what is happening to me and what has been happening to me for the last two years. As it seems there is an enormous power in decision and persistence. As those two in combination with imagination and repetition are somehow creating like determination and belief. As somehow, the last few days, weeks, I saw my black Pajero coming towards the house, through the gate. And the last few days I can already imagine it standing in the, well, not sure how to call that in English, car park area in front of our front door. And until recently I didn’t really believe that there really would be a black Pajero of the current model in the car park area of our house. But somehow I am starting to believe, which is kind of crazy, as I have no clue how I would obtain the necessary funds to buy one.

And yes, somehow I feel a bit like cheating on the people from Mitsubhishi I am in contact with. As they presume I am a normal customer who is just looking to get a proposal for buying a Mitsubishi Pajero. And that I would have the funds available to buy one if I wanted to, which is not really the case as of the moment.

So yes, somehow I feel a bit guilty about that. But I have been very careful in stating what I want and how I want it and yes, that of course I am willing to give something in return for a Mitsubishi Pajero. So yes, according to the real world thinking of course anybody would presume that I am a customer with a lot of money, especially if I am from the marketing and/or sales department of Mitsubishi Motors. But it is all presumption, as I never said I wanted to buy a black Mitsubishi Pajero of a certain type. I only stated I want to acquire, want to drive, and implicitly, want to own a black Mitsubishi Pajero.

And don’t get me wrong, I have no intention to cheat on anybody or tell half truths or something. Of course I would love to just buy the car I have in mind. And no, I don’t even want or need a discount, which again, people within Mitsubishi presumed. But right now I just can’t, so I am trying to find a way to acquire the Mitsubishi Pajero that I have stated I want to own. And that is what I have been doing, telling them what I want.

But I don’t want to write about some stupid car I want to own, some very expensive car most people won’t be able to afford (‘in the real world’). I want to write about that some time ago I made a pretty detailed description of the car I want to own. And I have been acting on that, like writing to Mitsubishi to inform them what I want. As I was, and still am, scared that I won’t be able to acquire the funds in time to be able to buy the car I have in mind. And often, when driving up to our house, mostly using a habal-habal, I close my eyes and I imagine sitting in my own black Pajero, driving my own black Pajero. And before I just imagined the car driving through the gate. And no, I didn’t really believed it.

But the strange thing is that quite recently something changed. As somehow I am really starting to believe that that car is really there. And also recently I can imagine it standing in the driveway and me going in and out of it, going to the city. So keep in mind, I kept repeating those things, as suggested in Think and Grow Rich, even though I didn’t believe it, even though I felt kind of stupid and was doubting that just repeating those things without really having the right ‘feel’ would work.

And no, I don’t know where this is going to end and if I would really be able to realize this dream of having a black Mitsubishi Pajero, highest type, current model, brand new, manual transmission and diesel.engine. But it is pretty amazing what is happening especially recently, after I kept repeating, imagining and acting upon this desire, even though it is ‘impossible’ and I didn’t really believe it.

Ah, so much more to tell, like all those things just seem to become their own self fulfilling prophecy. And somehow my self confidence has skyrocketed, even though nothing really changed in my real life situation. And that improved self confidence seems to arrive with other people, so somehow other people react different to me, different to what I say, different to the ideas I have, no matter how crazy they seem to be. And again, other people reacting differently, more supportive, also boosts my self confidence again. So it really seems I am moving to the other side of the stream Napoleon Hill talks about. And indeed, it doesn’t take more effort or something, on the road or in the stream towards riches, towards success. So keep reading, as if I can really achieve success, anybody can.