Playing the victim

Today I was very annoyed as a special friend of mine told me that I am still playing the victim. I thought I had overcome that with all my goals and ideas and actions over the last half year, but it seems this type of thing, this pattern of mine is buried very, very deep in my thought patterns.

I was very happy he was my mirror in this as he showed me a very bad behavior pattern I seem to have. I can’t recall right now what exactly happened, what I said and what he mirrored back to me, but I was sure he was right and I am sure I want to change that, change it into some positive pattern.

Recently I am starting to realize that it is our belief system that defines us and the event today showed me something like that we are continuously doing or saying or thinking things that confirm our beliefs. But what if the belief is wrong? And I know many of my beliefs are wrong, so that’s also why many things in my life are not as I want them to be.

So yes, I will put some more information and maybe some exercises or tools or something about belief in this site as I am starting to believe that success or anything else starts with the beliefs that you have.

So what are your beliefs and are they supporting success or not?

An exercise I have in mind now is writing ten beliefs down now, state for each if it is supportive for success or not. Rewrite each belief that is non-supportive so it becomes supportive and read them aloud once a day. I did this some time ago and it was really working and as far as i remember I also mentioned this earlier already, but that doesn’t matter.

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