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I am still struggling a bit with the ‘give and receive’ business model of this project, this site, as I believe I gave a lot in the form of my writing, the plugins I made, the daily inspirational e-mail I send and the draft version of the tools I have in mind. And until now I have the feeling nothing much came back, except some occasional e-mail from people liking a daily inspirational quote and the satisfaction of learning, analyzing, experiencing by writing.

So yesterday I received an e-mail related to a new cloud backup service that gave 100Gb backup space, which is a lot. And yes I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but most cloud services like Dropbox (link includes my personal code to get more space), a free(?) service I have used for a long time now, only give 10Gb as a start or so. And that is not enough to do a decent backup of the stuff I have here, in my office. And the new service called Degoo works very clever, as it uses space on the computers of the users signing up. And of course I don’t know if they have their own servers or not, or just use the computers of all people signing up, but in a way it is a very nice ‘give and receive’ model, even though actually it is a ‘give and take’ model as I doubt if most users would fully understand what they signed up for. I saw e.g. that Degoo creates folders on all your hard drives, which is quite an invasion on your computer (technically and theoretically).

Anyhow, if you sign up for Degoo through this link or any of the other links to Degoo on this page, I will get some more space, meaning that I could something back from this site and from this writing, except what I already got.

And please note that until now I have decided NOT to go with the common business model in the industry of advertising for these types of sites, so unlike most other blogs I have not received any money related to this site, except one or two payments from team members through the ‘pay page‘. And nobody seems to have seen my need for a camera as posted on the right side in every page. And it feels a bit like begging, but I still believe there must be millions of camera’s just doing nothing, as the whole world seems to have gone using tablets for taking pictures. Any suggestion to make my needs clear are very welcome. Of course I am also thinking about how I can make my wants and needs more clear so it would make an appeal to people to give (‘give back’ may also not be the right phrase).

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